how to avoid workplace drama

Unfortunately most people are more comfortable doing what they hate as opposed to what they love. Here's some tips on how to avoid workplace drama that could possibly become detrimental to your current employer.

Don't get suckered in
As stated before most people do what they hate therefore it's not unlikely for a coworker to come into work with a negative attitude. Never allow your coworker or anyone else to push their problems upon you.

It can be difficult to take ownership to your own problems when the opportunity to share, expand and promote the problem usually provides a temporary sense of justification. This is something you learn in time however most mature and experienced individuals nip this in the bud right away.

Cut the cord
When negativity presents itself in its many disguises. Remember to cut the cord. Either let the individual vent without you giving your two cents and impregnating their thoughts and ideas only to manifest more negativity. Or simply leave and walk away.

Unless you work in a social behaviour facility, you aren't employed to listen to other people's problem.

Hard facts
Being frank has many benefits not only does it take weight off of your shoulder and shield you from possible future front door workplace drama but it also provides a clear sign to not bother you with the bullshit.

It doesn't have to be disrespectful keep in mind you do work with these people daily. What you want to do is diffuse the workplace drama or simply put it back on the individual. Some examples are telling your coworker/workplace drama promoter:

"I just got to work, I don't wanna hear any problems"
"The sooner you come up with a resolution the sooner you don't have to worry about it anymore"
"Come to me with positivity and I'll do the same"
"Everyone's got problems"
"Don't allow people to bring you down, you're better than that"
"I need to get my work done"

Notice how none of the examples are questions? The LAST thing you want is to open the door because what comes through will most likely overwhelm you and knock your ass down.. it isn't easy to recover from that and it's possible to get trapped into someone else's conversation or problems that they later consume you and become your own.

Stay busy
Simply put acquire tunnel vision. Unless you're an entrepreneur you were employed to perform certain duties for higher authority. You aren't paid to sit around and gossip or listen to others do the same. When it all comes down to it ask yourself.. what does this say about you? Do your work, get paid and leave. As a bonus staying busy shows your boss what's up.

Perhaps the next individual that looks to expose workplace drama and gossip will avoid reaching out to you based on the tips above. Comment below and let me know what are some of your best workplace drama blocking strategies?