Reinventing Yourself For Success In 2016

With the new year approaching many will create resolutions aka dead end pipe dreams with good intentions. Many will embrace change and many will embrace excuses to put a wedges between their journey and their goals. But enough about everyone else.. you wanna succeed right?

Don't Work Hard Work Smart
One of the biggest parasites that holds us back is perfection. We're quick to emulate what we find to be attractive. Learn that it doesn't matter how you start, just as long as you start period. When I started making YouTube Videos I was clueless. Instead of building my channel I was too consumed with perfection. I was too blind to take into consideration other youtubers not only had editors and teams but also had YEARS of experience. We praise celebrities, but we neglect that they once too had to start from somewhere just as ourselves. As a result it took me months to upload my first video and guess what? It STILL sucked! You may not slam dunk your first attempt at anything so take heed to the no work no experience no result rule. You can't get your Black Belt after only one Kung Fu lesson

Be Prepared And Stay Hungry
“It is better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one than to have an opportunity and not be prepared.” - Whitney M. Young
Opportunities can come both randomly and sequentially. How prepared are you? Is your experience aligned with your passions? What if the world revolved in your favor, how ready would you be? You may want to be wealthy but If you were given 1,000,000 dollars would you know how to use it effectively? We are what we repeatedly do. Truth is you'll never exactly know when your time will come. But I can guarantee you it'll never come if you don't step up and make an effort in your own gift.

Find A Living Motivation
Many of us are visionaries. We see, we want, we "sometimes" do. Simply wanting success will NEVER be enough. You may surround yourself with success, read a book a week and invest money on seminars and courses because you think it'll get you where you want. Visions are fleeting. You need a living motivation. Accomplishing goals is a 1-2-3 process. If you want the easy way out you'll get exactly that. You've gotta be ready to commit to the twists, turns, trials & tribulations to become the best version of yourself possible.

Does your passion wake you up? Can your gifts and talents fill you with the desire to upgrade yourself in every aspect of your life? This is what you need to drive you to your goals. Certifications and degrees don't guarantee you shit. When you first start dating someone you naturally feel the motivation buzz to do your best at everything. Your lifestyle in general should reflect this if not you should do a re-evaluation.

Kill Your Distracting Ideas
Often when you start anything especially if you're passionate about it, your ideas will be on a constant flow. It's hard not to get caught up in your ideas and emotions. When you have a task or project stick to it until it's done. Multi-tasking is a sure fire way to accomplish low quality work and poor habits. Too often people either fail to accomplish their tasks based on the vicious cycle of what I call "idea distractions" its the opposite of writer's block. If you struggle with this I suggest using pomodoros.

Fail (Rinse and Repeat)
Believe it or not failing can be a good thing usually it is. It's hands down one of the biggest lessons there is period. Failure gives us something priceless... Experience. Fail Forward. Learning from mistakes can save time and regret in your future. Minimize the kinks so that you can reform and reshape the harden steel that is your journey.

Have any tips on reinventing yourself to become a better version of yourself? Feel free to comment below.