Your Job Controls Your Life And You Allow It!

Your Job Controls Your Life And You Allow It!

A lot of us are content being comfortable. We tend to converge comfort and security.

We lie to ourselves and say we'll do better to live more fulfilling lives once our current "situation" changes for the best. When in actuality we naturally create our current situations and circumstances and guess what? They WON'T change until WE take action and change them ourselves.

The Media is OUTSTANDING at camouflaging this very concept... you could very well be programmed or conditioned without even knowing so. How so? I'll explain.

You can never get comfortable. Unless you're an entrepreneur, it’s unlikely your career endures consistent uncertain circumstances. Isn't it interesting how school as praised as it is, claims to prepare you for your career but TOTALLY omits the monumental process of how to attack, balance and budget the very common trials and tribulations of life after graduating and taking on the real world of our society? School for the most part doesn't teach you these life lessons. You've been programmed.

Here's the problem with typical corporate jobs:
You know exactly how long it takes commuting to and from work
You know exactly how many hours you'll be at work
You know exactly how much you'll get paid and when
You get only one raise a year if you're lucky
You've already seen what the top of the corporate ladder looks like

Everything is literally already planned out so where's the room to grow? Just like fast food, it’s stripped of its true benefits and provided to you in a lovely irritable refined package. Try to think outside of the cubicle.

Here's a quick test:
In the corporate world you typically work 40 hours mon-fri. Hypothetically, what if you could leave for the day once the assigned work was completed? Would you at the least attempt to work harder, smarter and faster? If this was the case your work ethic would be unstoppable right?

News flash! If you agree with last statement then not only is your current job not pushing you enough, but neither are you! Check out the 4-Hour Workweek. The only limit you have is your very own mind; if you can think it you can do it. Are you content not doing the best you can do at your job? Reprogram yourself. Perhaps it’s time to be a leader and not a follower. That's why you're here at Boycott The Masses right?

The Scenic Route
When's the last time you took an alternate route to work just to try something new? Are you typically in such a rush that you haven't exercised the option to do so? It can be depressing having the same scenery day after day who wants to go to work feeling defeated from the jump? Spice it up! Try to develop at least 3 different ways to and from work.

Before we know it most of the day is gone and we're on our way home from work wondering where the past 8 hours went, unable to recall any relevant and significant details.. You've been programmed.

The ever so loved "scheduled paycheck"
Typically we all think this is a good thing right? It only provides a false sense of comfort. It's a cap. Chances are you won’t work harder unless your salary reflects it. If you know what your paycheck will look like. What else is there to look for? What'll push you beyond your paycheck? Honestly, how can you grow from this? Through repetition you only learn to value your position by its wage instead of its true value. You've been programmed.

This is a surefire way to callous your way of thinking and performing both in and out of work. This is EXACTLY how bad habits are formed. It's only natural to want more for less. How can you be pushed to go beyond your current abilities? Challenge yourself, I bet you'd work much harder and effective if you didn't know where the next dollar was going to come from.

Longevity = Boss status
Once you see the so called pot at the end of the rainbow.. Does it really seem worth it? Does your boss exude charisma, happiness, humor or motivation? If you can't see yourself doing a better job it could be a sure sign you're in the wrong position and you may have strayed from your life's calling.

Most of us go through life on cruise control both in and outside of work. Don't allow yourself to go through the motions, you've gotta life of opportunities to experience new ideas. Acknowledge your habits and what pushes you in life. Start reprogramming yourself now.

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