Your job Is Killing You

7 Signs Your Job Is Killing You

Find what you love and let it kill you
— Charles Bukowski

Little did you know the place you spend most of your time at may be literally shaving years off of your life. Are you spending your years doing what you love or fulfilling someone else's dream?

The Silent Killer
It's bad enough we check our cell phones over 120 times a day on average, our vision's bound to be effected. If your job lands you in a cubicle you're pretty much guaranteed to be equipped with a computer, welcoming headaches and CVS (Computer Vision Syndrome). If anyone asked you to look at a light for 8+ jp Solution: Make use of the "contrast" setting on your monitor (Trust me it helps). Unless you work in complete darkness you won't need the extra fluorescent light hovering over your work at your cubicle, opt in for a tiny LED lamp instead some are even USB powered.

Sedentary Lifestyle
Over 85% of American jobs require you to sit. When sitting for up to 3 hours without moving around you risk: obesity, diabetes and various musculoskeletal disorders such as scoliosis due to poor posture. The older you get the much harder it is to recover from hip surgery, most people are never the same after a hip replacement. Solution: Invest in a wearable Fitness Tracker.. preferably one one that will send you vibrating inactivity alerts .

Joy-less ride
Studies show that driving more than 10 miles to work can lead to high blood pressure and very low life satisfaction & depression. Solution: If you simply can't make the commute shorter make the journey more enjoyable. Carpool or perhaps listen to something positive and entertaining and enlightening such as a Podcast or Audiobook. (I recommend The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast or anything with Tim Ferriss)

Burning The Midnight Oil
Being one of the so called "greatest countries" comes at a price. Working many tireless hours is a great way to land a heart attack. No deadline is worth the risk of landing you in the hospital. In America we average about 14 vacation days a year where as lets say in France, Germany or Italy it's well over 35. Solution: Whether or not you're on salary one thing you are not is a slave. Solution: Grab the guts to speak up and address your issues. Perhaps it's a sign you may need to look into less stressful profession.

Your Germ Hotspot
Believe it or not computer keyboards can harbour more germs than a bathroom! Think about it.. when you clock into work no matter what you do, where you go or what you touch you ALWAYS end right back at your keyboard which is the sum of you and your co workers (I'm sure they all don't wash their hands). Keyboards, calculators, telephones, door knobs, hand shakes, buttons all carry bacteria such as e.coli. Solution: Simply be mindful of your own personal hygiene. Make use of lysol & hand sanitizer, perhaps the scent or lemon and orange clean will not only provide you comfort as it kills germs and bacteria. But it also might give your coworker a sign to clean up after themselves as well.

Counting the clock
Boredom leads to depression, heart disease and stroke. Having an unsatisfying career doesn't motivate and push you. It clogs the arteries of your ideas, destroys your passions, desires. Introduces poor work ethic and diminishes your energy. Solution: seek interest in another department, get comfortable being uncomfortable. Many say you're only as good as your degree I say you're only as good as your next move.

Come on now you KNEW this already didn't you? But do you know how stress affects you or how bad it can really get? Stress DESTROYS memory retention. Ever get into near head on collision causing you to slam on your brakes? Only to neglect the fact you have an emergency break for such situations? Stress leads to: erectile dysfunction, infertility, headaches, high blood pressure.. this is literally a never ending list.. next thing you know the Dr. will prescribe you with pharmaceutical band-aids that will only mask the issues and add to the list of problems. Solution: Reevaluate & reset, take a break, go outside, make a plan of action for a realistic work life balance.